1. Inner Retard

    You can almost see how this could have been a beautiful woman. But she just had to go to the club with that damn drunk mixer at the corner of Willis and Moore.

  2. Minky Wail

    Looks like in Keira Knightly with Ashley Judd Face

  3. Prudencia

    Someone should have spent more time on this Sims customization.

  4. angerinside

    She looks like a bucket with a nose.

  5. So Bruce Willis is attending his premiers in drag now?

  6. How sad would it be knowing that the guy who ends up marrying you is only doing so for your money? Or because he’s gay. Or because he’s in a horrible shame spiral. Or because he has a fetish for puking during sex.

  7. I thought Conan couldn’t do “If They Mated” anymore?

  8. tom

    Return of The Chin

  9. Look at that mug and realize; that was the sperm that won.

  10. Look at that mug and realize; that was the sperm that won, folks.

  11. DeucePickle

    This is by far the best Picasso I’ve ever seen

  12. Ah, double post…. How you mock me…

  13. B&WMinstrel

    See, genetics? This is why you can’t have nice things.

  14. your mom

    GI Joe Retardation, staring Rumor Willis.

  15. Sweet Jeebus, Superfish: You gotta start slapping a NSFW label on photos of this chick.

  16. alex

    You guys are nuts. She’s a “NORMAL” looking jewish chinese lady.

    Jewish because of that proboscis and chinese because she’s got more chin than a chinese phonebook.

  17. shudders

    Her nose job can’t even save her face.

  18. lolling

    Too bad she and her sisters were born famous, no time to fix a human face from their alien dna, like their parents did before fame, to pass as human.

  19. Jerkface

    I didn’t even know that Hollywood was making a new Dick Tracy movie….

  20. The left half of her face just doesn’t match up to the right half. Sorry.

  21. SomeRandomChic

    Chinny McChin Chin Chinface Chin.. from the planet CHIN!

  22. The last time I saw a chin that big, I was looking at Mt. Rushmore.

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I know of at least one guy who loves her look: Chris Brown. Everytime he sees that chin, he gets an itchy fist.

  24. Starring in the sequel: “Die, Hard-ons”

  25. JK

    Even in death Picasso can continue to create works in mysterious ways.

  26. We all know doctors can insert chin implants to change someone’s face. But is there such a thing as a chin unplant to make a chin smaller? I suspect she’s not unhappy with her looks. Not unhappy like she’s in her right mind.

  27. Heidi Montag had chin reduction surgery.

  28. To all of those people who try to pressure their friends to have kids that say ‘ohh but you two would have such CUTE kids!’ … yeah.

  29. Alexxx3488

    This photoshop of Natalie Portman is horrendous.

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