1. JimBB

    And next week you’ll still be a bitch too.

  2. How much for the Alabama Blacksnake special?

  3. “Look into my crystal rock, child…”

  4. “*psst*….I heard you’ve got something to inject into botox”

  5. Fish already killed this one lol

  6. “Zac Efron told me you have the best shit”

  7. Meshuggah Tits

    She’s sick of people yelling into her window : “Donna Martin masturbates!”

  8. “I think I just saw a cop, so you’d better hide the stuff away in that hole in your chest.”

  9. Sushi people, shes looking for.. ahh wth SHE’S BUYING CRACK!

  10. JungleRed

    “Hey Aaron! Remember me, I played Isaac. On the Love Boat.”

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