1. I didn’t realize Olivia was working at Caesar’s Palace these days. I’ll have to go get my photo taken with her soon.

  2. crb

    Swat that bad doggie on the ass with the rolled-up newspaper for all of us, Jane.

    Next, put her nose in it so she’ll know what she did wrong.

  3. “Robot, on! The cameras are rolling…”

  4. Never thought I would say this, but how I wish I was Jane Fonda at this moment.

  5. Barbarella has an Asian fetish.

  6. Olivia is so beautiful.

  7. Legit comment: thats just a weird looking chesticle holder.

  8. Hang on Olivia, I’ve just gotta make a quick deposit into my checking account.

  9. Swearin

    “Hold on, Olivia, I got you covered!”

  10. greenmeanie

    “So we’d make all the American POWs line up like dominoes and I’d slap the last one on the ass like ‘this’ and then they’d all fall over from starvation. It was a HOOT!”

  11. Frunken

    “Let’s go, dear, you’ve already had your 15 minutes.”

  12. Is she adding shrimp juice to her outfit?

  13. “Goddamnit, Fonda, you pinch my ass one more time and I’m going to deck you.”

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