1. ThisWillHurt

    This just enforces the stereotype that women hate each other.

  2. “Arrggg look at me! How important I am!! Look at me!!!”

    • crb

      “OMYGOD ANNE! OSCAR!OSCAR!OSCAR! Look at me acting like a tool, Anne! Who do I remind you of, Anne? Anyone, Anne? Anne? Anne?… I didn’t even have to mic-jump the director to kiss my agent’s a** AND I _STILL_ WON! Anne? Anne? You There? A tool says, ‘What?’, Anne?…”

  3. OSCAR WINNER Anne Hathaway will not dignify his hooliganism with even a glance.

  4. Who would’ve ever thought we’d be uttering the phrase “Oscar winning actors Matthew McCougnahey and Jared Leto”?

    Congratulations to the both of them.

  5. Leto acts like an epic douche, but he gave the slam dunk acceptance speech of the night.

    • I want to expand on this thought a little, mostly because I’ve spent the last few years ragging on Jared Leto at every opportunity.

      Jared gave a very humble and touching speech about his single mother raising him and his brother to be decent people, and in a few brief sentences managed to be gracious towards the people who brought him to the award, spoke about the milions who have died from AIDS worldwide, and the current socio political strife in the Ukraine and Venezuela. The guy can write a fucking speech.

      and then there was Matthew McConaughey. Nothing like a long, rambling, speech filtered through a haze of bong smoke where you simultaneously thank God for making you famous instead of feeding dying children, and then declaring that he is his own inspiration.

      When Jared Leto makes you look like a vapid douchebag, buddy you done something REALLY special.

      • They are both raging douchebags (Leto’s groupie treatment alone yoinks his ‘decent people’ comment to the ground), but McC has douche topped with cocky egotism that just makes me want to push him in front of a bus.

      • I gotta agree with McFeely. After hearing his speech, I’ve gotten so I kind of like Jerod Leto now. I’ve always liked Matthew McConaughey, and I didn’t give his speech any thought one way or another.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        ‘Decent people’ make sure to stay at least 500 miles clear of Terry Richardson at all times, so after that speech we know – along with anything else we know about Leto from our distance – that he’s a raging liar.

  6. I’m pretty sure that statue will have a condom covering it by the end of the night.

  7. -Can I get a “whoop whoop”!?

  8. Tiggles

    Despite his ego reaching new heights with his Oscar win, Jared was nonetheless physically blown backwards by the phenomenal narcissism of Anne Hathaway, who in her self-involvement didn’t even know he was there.

  9. This is why I don’t watch the Oscars.

  10. Please tell me the headline for this photo has something to do with possible suspects in homicide of Anne Hathaway via blunt force trauma.

  11. joe


  12. “Booyah bitch, I’ve got an Oscar too, bet you don’t feel so fucking special anymore, do you?”

  13. Swearin

    “So you won for dying from syphilis? I died from AIDS. BOOM-SHAKALAKA!”

  14. Anne really wanted to respond but her batteries died.

  15. Congrats to Jesus on his Oscar win.

  16. I can no longer enjoy photos unless they are hilariously bombed. I’ve been spoiled by the awesomeness. This one pleases me.

  17. Gin&Tonic

    Are we sure that prince Harry isn’t actually related to him? Seriously, I see a family resemblance in more ways than one

    • Gin&Tonic

      This was supposed to go under the Bill Clinton post but hell, it works here too for aren’t we all jesus’s children? Cast out the infidel Hathaway, she is about to feel the good lord’s wrath upon her pocketbook

  18. Schadenfreude

    I am Oscar Jesus. Come be my Oscar Mary Magdalene, Anne Hathaway!

  19. dennis

    These two bitches should just scissor each other and get over that sexual tension.

  20. dennis

    These two bitches should just scissor each other and get over that sexual tension.

  21. Facts_

    Jared Leto: “Kill her… I must kill her with my Oscar!”

    “James Franco will cast me in his next movie!”

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