1. Must have stepped on it…. It happens…. Not to me or basically most other people, but it does happen.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    I would be shocked to see my penis on the other side of the velvet rope too.

  3. “Is that…Jennette McCurdy in lingerie?”

  4. With cat-like reflexes, Jon spots his mortal enemies, Giant Jock Strap, and Control Top Briefs

  5. Inner Retard

    For a second thought he was looking into a mirror. Then realized it was SkarsgÄrd.

  6. The Pope


  7. Mr. Sensitive

    He just watched Christina Hendricks take off her Spanx.

  8. George P. Burdell

    He just caught sight of a Micheal Fastbender screencap from Shame across the room.

  9. Little Tongue

    “You wanna see my WHAT?”

  10. He’s looking at Serena’s ass on the previous page

  11. Pablo

    I can’t believe I let my publicist talk me into wearing underwear today. Now I know what Christina’s boobs feel like…

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