1. You have to stab her in the eye with a knife. I saw that on Walking Dead.

  2. In an attempt to show her support for AIDS victims, Lady Gaga gives a handjob to a sufferer only moments from death.

  3. dennis

    Lady Gaga is sitting next to her future self.

  4. rican

    “This is what we call The Muppet Show”

  5. I can’t tell Which is Witch

  6. Kevolution

    Before and After

  7. crb

    Now all we need is Maya Rudolph in there, throwing dishes and glasses, cursing them both out.

  8. Donatella’s trying to suck the youth out of Gaga.

  9. The scary part is that Lady Gage is the more normal looking person in this picture.

    • crb

      And in what Bizarro universe did you think you’d ever, ever write that sentence? Does the name of it rhyme with ‘never’ or ‘meat sundress’?

  10. I’m pretty sure the idea of these parties is to CURE AIDS, not create some new ones.

  11. Cameron Diaz

    I’ve woken up to more attractive whiteheads.

  12. DJ

    How touching – a man and his dog.

  13. Fuck. Just fuck.

  14. Spleen

    Look like Hiroshima survivors.

  15. From what I have seen of this AIDS gala, it only makes me wish for some strain of AIDS that would not only kill me much faster, but also blind me immediately.

  16. j/k

    Proof that Versace makes EVERYONE beautiful.

  17. thecrazybetty

    good lord – gaga looks like she’s melting and never-mind about the bad wig… where did she get that? sally beauty supply? donatella is a monster.

  18. I don’t think the doublemint twins will be as popular this time around.

  19. Don Draper's Dad

    Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

  20. “Brundlefly hungry. Hooooark.”

  21. Little Tongue

    “Shut up, bitch, and lick my snatch.”

  22. pillsy

    It’s not a person — it’s an intern’s first attempt at re-creating a face, just from the skull. And he’s only just begun.

  23. Bob-O

    [Insert obligatory Mick Jagger joke here]

  24. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    When you sup with the undead, you end up looking like them.

  25. I don’t believe this is going to end well for either one of them.

  26. Gross and Grosser (Look, I know I’ve already lost this one to either SparkyMcGee or McFeely, but I just had to post this one up).

  27. donkeylicks

    Meet your future self they said.
    Won’t create a time paradox they said.
    Find out if you ever lose the penis they said.

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