1. It’s nice to see those things are headed south faster than Kanye when he found out she was pregnant…

  2. Wow, her eyes are glassy as all hell. There’s nothing behind them.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Kim Kardashian decided it was a good idea to get involved with AIDS awareness after someone told her the virus was transferable through urine.

  4. Wouldn’t she be more at home at a Herpes Party?

  5. Kim, you’re not supposed to bring AIDS to this event.

  6. Looks like that right one could use about 5 more pounds of pressure.

  7. Udderly gross. Moo.

  8. Pig goes oink, and cow goes moo. I’m sure her mother is around there somewhere.

  9. She heard “AIDS foundation” and thought it was a new type of cosmetics the Kardashians could pimp out to unsuspecting fans.

  10. If she wasn’t such a vapid, feckless attention-craving whore she’d actually be somewhat attractive…oh wait, forgot about her massive ass.

  11. Robb7

    Clown ass cunt

  12. Fancy Face

    She’s not even trying to look alive at this point. What is this shit? Weekend at Kardashians?

  13. MarketingMike

    I’ll bet she’s quite the conversationalist, once the topic drifts
    away from her, her mom, her sisters, and her current lover.

  14. Those are some big ass beautiful tits…you idiots are brain dead.

    • Gin&Tonic

      It aint the tits we’re hating on, its the vapid egotistical urine-sponge they’re attached too.
      You want big beautiful tits go look at the Chrstina Hendricks post: she’s got a beautiful, natural face and personality to match the funbags

      • What the hell difference does it make? No one here has a chance at dating any of these girls. Digital eye candy – that’s it. And in that department, KimK is the top…

    • They’re fakers, and they’re attached to a kunt-faced Kardashian. Who’s brain dead again?

  15. Her face is so plastic now it makes her tits look real.

  16. O_________________O

  17. Ahhh, hell. She’s not that bad. And I’ll wager she can suck-start a Harley-Davidson.

  18. Facts_

    Her cheeks are photoshopped away in this image.

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