1. Oh how the mighty have fallen… Seems like only yesterday he was hanging out with the high end escorts that could possibly make an argument for just being companions…

  2. They are at least hotter than Hillary and Chelsea,

  3. He’s got hos in different area codes.

  4. He’s turning into the Corey Feldman of ex presidents. How long until he has a little curly q hanging down his forehead?

  5. I guess I’m done making fun of Corey Feldman, the guy is downright presidential.

  6. “I put my penis inside their vaginas, but we DID NOT HAVE SEX.”

  7. Tiggles

    Give that man a cigar!

  8. “Say hello to my little salt and pepper shakers.”

  9. “Nice to meet you again, Mr. President.”

  10. crb

    “We were just debating the meaning of the word, ‘is’. -And making appointments at the drycleaners. ::thumbs-up, bites lip::”

  11. That’s what going Vegan will get you.

  12. Bill Clinton, denigrating the office of POTUS since 1992…

    • Bill Scores Again

      if you clutch your pearls that tightly it’ll leave a mark

    • Clinton was first inaugurated in 1993. Typical conservative, blaming Democratic presidents for shit that happened before they even took office.

    • Godbless, I agree that this type of behavior with women denigrates the office. It’s disgraceful. What I find more disgraceful is the behavior of the Republicans who succeeded Clinton. When it was their turn to serve their country as young men, they sent other mothers’ sons to die in their place. Then these Republicans used this jumpstart to advance themselves to positions of political power. To let an innocent American boy’s blood seep into the Middle Eastern sand so you can deal out no-bid defense contracts to enrich yourself and your cronies is worse than “disgraceful.” It’s revolting.

  13. The Pope

    “Where’s the rest?”

  14. “Oh, I thought one was Russian and the other one was Ukrainian. I was going to have them smoke my peace pipe. You know, for man kind.”

  15. Little Tongue

    “Is this a cigar case I feel in your pants, Billy Boy?”

  16. If Bill is smart, he’ll leave his tailings on the one with the white dress this time.

  17. George P. Burdell

    If Cory Feldman had known that prostitutes were part of the Presidential pension what a different life he would have lead.

  18. That dude just cannot resist grade B trim.

  19. From sticking a cigar down there to flaunting your grandmother’s purple hair… Billy’s aging gracefully.

  20. tlmck

    “I did not have sexual relations with those women”.

  21. “I get a discount…I get a discount…nyah-nyah na-nyah-nyah!”

  22. Schadenfreude

    Hey Hillary, these girls can do more with their mouth than just talk. How ’bout you?

    • Al Gore invented the internet

      Hilary don’t need to run her mouth, she’s dodging sniper bullets in Serbia.

  23. “well, it depends on what your definition of ‘fucked those skanky bitches’ is”

  24. Facts


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