1. blofish

    Are you sure it’s not “Victor”?

  2. JennywithaY

    I swear my kids saw this in their closet just last night.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    She looks like Darkman when his skin would start to melt.

  4. why…why would you do this to us?

  5. Jentilly

    I want to make fun but she’s really kind of sad looking

  6. BbyBluThghHghs

    WHAT is THAT?!

  7. ThisWillHurt

    “Honey, I can tell you’re a man. Nice try, though.” – RuPaul

  8. The Pope

    Lindsay is out of rehab already?

  9. Shit is that seriously her??
    I had a huge crush on her back in the Superman days.

  10. tlmck

    Meh who cares. We will always have pics and films of her in all of her young glory.

  11. Sergeant Hayley: She’s having trouble breathing sir. What do you think?
    Major: Well, I suggest a vigorous chest massage, and if that doesn’t work, uh, mouth-to-mouth.
    Sergeant Hayley: HELL NO, sir!

  12. meeps!

    Worst SNL Ana Gasteyer character ever…

  13. contusion

    There is only one way that’s Valerie Perrine. Remember that movie with Warren Beatty where he was a football player and he was going to get hit by a car, but he had good reflexes, so he would have swerved and been okay. But his guardian angel took his soul one instant before he would have died to spare him the pain. So then, the angel has to find a suitable body for him to inhabit so he can become an NFL quarterback again. Heaven Can Wait. So…I’m pretty sure that Valerie Perrine also had good reflexes and her angel also made a mistake. For the time being, they have found the body of an older drag queen for her to use so she can get a part in a new movie and fulfill her destiny. If that’s NOT it, then holy shit.

  14. Damn, I miss Phil Hartman.

  15. What the extreme fuck???

  16. Cock Dr

    How awful. This is too much for the eyes to bear.
    Photo Boy…yer a sick bastard.

  17. jenn

    Dear sweet Baby Jesus, this woman needs to put some more clothes on, and also, burn that wig!

  18. Lindsay Lohan in 10 years.

  19. i wonder if boy george has a collection of stray cats.

  20. Kurt Barlow

    This photo is clearly mislabeled. I’ve seen other photos of Ms. Perrine from this event and she looks pretty damn good.

    I think this is Edy Williams

  21. Ms. Tessmacher?!? What the F#$% happened to you???

  22. Vlad

    If only Superman could fly real fast and make the world spin the other way…we would all be flung off the planet and into space and wouldn’t have to look at this picture anymore…

    • THANK YOU! Now I can sleep. Valerie Perrine was so incredibly hot. I remember her baring her breasts in Slaughterhouse 5 and then she was the first woman to bare them on TV in a play called Steambath, which was broadcast on PBS back in around ’73 or so..

  23. Still dresses better than Will i am.

  24. The white man’s Kris Jenner

  25. This IS the crap that I wish I sill missed!

  26. Andie

    That’s a MAN, baby! *yanks its hair*

  27. Lila

    This is EDY WILLIAMS, not Valerie Perrine! Valerie still has blond hair and BLUE eyes and was at this event, dressed appropriately in a black pants outfit and looking great.

  28. This site must have a bad bug. It says Varerie Perrine, but I KNOW Alan Rickman when I see him.

  29. I refuse to believe thats her and you cant make me believe it.

  30. beaddee

    This is exactly what breast implants look like when we are old. Just like women with tattoos. Very ugly on old skin.

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