1. “The score is love, love.”
    “Ha ha…you’ve really gotta cut that shit out!”

  2. That man is stuck in a hell of in his own making.

  3. C’mon man, she can’t have that much money.

  4. “Please honey, could you just let me go long enough to play one stinking game of tennis?”

  5. SimoneDeB

    “Balls, please!”

  6. Pictured: Stage 5 Clinger.

  7. Yes, non-traditional Barbie has definitely found her Ken doll.

  8. Wow, and I thought I had no shame or pride.

  9. JungleRed

    Jesus, matching pink outfits? Even Oprah never did that to Steadman.

  10. “I’m so sorry, Rafael. I had no idea she could chew through her lead.”

  11. She makes him wear pink on wednesdays.

  12. caption

    “Dahhaha you want me to shove this matching raquet handle in your shpinkter, don’t ya babe!?”

    “Uhhh duhhh yeaaaah huhuhuhhh”

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