1. dontkillthemessenger

    He definitely has pictures of Jared Leto on his iPhone.

  2. Nice try, Moby. Jared’s not falling for this a sixth time…

  3. “The law requires that I inform everyone that I am in their neighborhood.”

  4. Geez… didn’t know Terry Richardson had a gay twin.

  5. Don’t even try to ask this guy if you can pass GO or collect $200

  6. My high school gym teacher.

  7. This guy anally exhales vegan farts all day.

  8. I always enjoyed Dick DeBartelo’s articles for MAD.

  9. tito

    i love him in community.

  10. “I love how I make all parents pull their kids in a little closer for a hug whenever they see me. I just don’t understand why they hide the little cuties.”

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