1. Putting the sand in sandals i see

  2. Introducing WhoreMomTwig. She’s one-third mom, one-third whore, and one-third twig.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She could do with a little swing herself

  4. Annie

    “And he shall be gay,” said the voice in the wraith’s mind.

  5. Great, now I’ve gotta find a picture of a stripper in tennis shoes.

  6. Cock Dr

    She wears stilettos on the treadmill, I’m sure of it.

  7. Sin

    Wait a minute…how can I be licking the chocolate off his hands if he never had chocolate to begin with?

  8. Fish Y U make me google bony cleevadge!?

  9. Swearin

    “Hmm, still not tender enough. Bounce him for another 30 minutes, Consuela!”

  10. YoMamma

    Yes, you’re clearly starving but no, you can’t eat him.

  11. Throjo

    “The lifeforce is sweetest when you suck it out of their sticky little palms.”

  12. Bigalkie

    Congratulations son. Your first stinky finger.

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