1. B&WMinstrel

    He’s the dwarf you can’t ignore, the North Korea of Hollywood, Mister… Peter… Dinklage!

  2. Inner Retard

    The next fucker who thinks I’m luggage is getting a taste of my 9.

  3. Littledouchebagsayswhat?

  4. So Mr. Dinklage… Or do you use Pete for short?

  5. Dinklage and his quality fans.

  6. Uh, Mr. Dinklage, I asked for a high-five.

  7. I wonder if he realizes that hat makes his head look like a light bulb with a knit condom on it?

  8. Taken one second before Dinklage bitch-slapped a confused fan for saying ” I loved you in ‘Get Shorty’”.

  9. I know he’s small, but that’s cold to make him check himself. On the bright side, he gets to ride the luggage carousel. Squeee!!

  10. “Daaaaa……I’m a little high. Get it? Little.”

  11. High from wafting in the Sharpie fumes.

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