1. The top ten finalists of “Who Wants To Knock Up A Kardashian?”

    I realize that Kris is included.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    How many Kardashians have you guys banged?

  3. This doesn’t even need a caption.

  4. lawn

    “OK, boys, let’s get busy, that sex tape isn’t gonna make itself!”

  5. mavis davis

    Are these the auditions for that new reality show, “Finding Kim’s Next Baby Daddy?”

  6. anonymous

    Rob looks happier than his mom to be surrounded by black men.

  7. Top left, second guy…smelling his finger from a quick finger insert on Kris Jenners tinkle taco. Smells like victory. (While she gives a reach around to the black dude behind her. His expression says it all).

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Is this the Maury Povich show?

  9. j/k

    Only two dudes noticed the smell coming from Kris?

  10. She’s had so much black dick her vagina is known as a fried chicken and watermelon shack

  11. Toby

    I know it’s YOUR birthday party but screw you and get in the back row. Mommy needs the publicity more than you!

  12. I half expected Prince Charles to be in this picture.

  13. Do the Kardashians ever get sick of being token white people?

  14. Don Draper's Dad

    Rob’s smile vanished the second all those dudes got naked and started banging his mom.


    Nine guys – figure Rob got a train run on him by four of them while Kris happily took on the other five.

  16. Somewhere back stage a cub scout is wearing spanx and a cone bra.

  17. You know she is running the credit reports and checking the bank statements for all these guys here, looking for her next paycheck.

  18. Skippy86

    They’re flashing the order in which they will go.

  19. I’ve reconsidered my opposition to the use of drones against americans on american soil – fire away!

  20. “Settle down guys there’s room for all of you in my daughters’ vagina!”

  21. Not the first time she’s helped a black guy get off.

  22. El

    Kim’s in this picture too, she’s just at eye level with one of the microphones.

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