1. Inner Retard

    Strong, tall friends have their uses. But they’re always pissed I scream at them for giving me a concussion when they feel like just patting me on the shoulder.

  2. JW

    Take me to your maid, if you want to live…

  3. EricLR

    I’m playun bordur patrul!

  4. Jamie Barbells

    Ricki Rachtman?!?! I was wondering what ever happened to you!

  5. “Fire up de grill. I haf caught our suppah.”

  6. “Struggling will only make it harder.”

  7. Arnold is sucking the life force out of Paulie D…I didn’t know he could do that, but it explains a lot.

  8. Why has this man never won an Oscar?

  9. coljack

    “I’m taking you bahk to Mexico, alien scum.”

    “But I’m Italian!”

    “Fine. I send you back to Mahrz.”

  10. “Say it! Say it while I pound your bottom!”
    “Ay Carumba!”

  11. This summer on FOX—“Extreme Chiropractic”!

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