1. dude

    Sulley and Mike aren’t the only ones who cower before Dean Hardscrabble.

  2. Inner Retard

    The Wraith queen has awaken and she is HUNGRY!

  3. Madonna, Dyneris is the queen of dragons, not the queen of drag queens…

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This will mark the first time I’ve ever rooted for the Lannisters.

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Man, if I had a nickel every time a sad LARPing puss like this found its way into my personal ad inbox…

  6. Looking at this photo while playing “Beelzeboss” in the background… terrifying.

  7. I thought her true form would have greasier skin. Also, incapable of being captured by mirrors or cameras.

  8. Sizzle D

    Old age is coming….

  9. GinjNinja

    That’s not canon. A White Walker never had any dragons.

  10. Jamie Barbells

    Just how the heck did they get those dragons to llok so lifelike and realistic?

  11. George P. Burdell

    Madonna has become a goth posser.

  12. Mr. Sensitive

    The crap we missed…air.

    - L’Wren Scott

  13. Great. Thanks for ruining HBO for me.

  14. She must bathe in the blood of a virgin, to maintain her youth. It hasn’t been working so well recently.

  15. Johnny Barbells

    *ppfftt* …dis nigga.

  16. she looks more like a white walker than daenerys targaryen

  17. fred

    She’s doing it wrong. Those dragons are supposed to have pterodactyl arms, not her.

  18. Cock Dr

    I’m just happy we can’t see the hands. They scare me.

  19. Like a sturgeon.

  20. Blurry photo that was likely photoshopped but still…looks relatively decent…for Madonna, that is. I’ve certainly seen far worse photos of her.

  21. What is she doing with Michael Jackson’s epaulets? You know, the ones he only wore for us special friends, just before introducing us to the Serpent King. I can hear his beautiful melodic voice as if it were only yesterday, “show me your secret cave, for I am the Serpent King.” “Caw caw,” said the dragons.

  22. Swearin

    Oh, I get it now – Varys had to look at this for years before the rebellion and cut off his own junk

  23. The Great, Great Grandmother of Dragons.

  24. Rob

    WTF is she on?!

  25. coljack

    It’s a trap! Don’t look directly into the photo’s eyes! Oh, crap – too late!
    [Turns to stone]

  26. My GOT humor is weak so am I the only one that hopes she is part of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death trilogy?

  27. Isn’t that Bellatrix’s cousin, Desperata Irrelevanta?

  28. Dox

    Some people grasp hold of youth with unyielding fingers, living every moment of life to the fullest.

    Others just lock that shit into place with preservatives, chemicals, and facial paralytics.

  29. Is she wearing a back brace?

  30. popwilleatitself

    More proof that Madonna can ruin anything.

  31. Bodhai

    Reminds me of Nosferatu….but with hair.

  32. Her desperate attempt to cling to youth makes her come across as really pathetic. She needs to take a look at Helen Mirren and learn how to not be such a try hard.

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