1. I’ve never seen a girl getting “kitty @#$ed before.”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Grumpy Cat doesn’t look so grumpy.

  3. Her tits look just like Demi Moore’s crotch

  4. Toe Jam

    This the only time you’d have to clarify “I’d do her doggy”.

  5. Hence the term “lucky puppy.”

  6. “Oh, so you’ll put that beast between your tits, but when I grab both and motorboat them I end up with a restraining order and sexual assault charge? I just don’t get women.”

  7. Inner Retard

    OK, this is the most adorably sexy thing I have ever seen.

  8. oldfool

    Puppy killed by puppies.

  9. So tired of these idiotic ‘ZOMG hee hee I will, like, totally put the [insert animal] in my cleavage, and it will totally be a lame excuse to get guys to look at my tits without coming across as an attention whore’ photos.

  10. Brad

    Nice chest puppies

  11. what a stupid hoochie. poor puppy being used as an accessory.

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