1. Only thing missing amongst those flowers… two lips. Yeah, two lips.

  2. Try again you get the balls to moves flowers and arm bra.

  3. lawn

    You know, I just can’t get worked up over a woman named Doutzen.

  4. Jade

    I don’t think it is airbrushed enough.

  5. lily

    shes usually gorgeous but this is a strange photo.

  6. rubberduckylove

    OK little slow here. If this is high fashion what is being advertised? Not saying its bad just don’t understand why someone would post something like this w no purpose.

  7. Someone I’ve never heard of as David Bowie as a woman. Sure. I get it.

  8. “Pfffffft…Pffffffft….Pffffffffft!” I love a girl who can make fake fart noises from her armpit!

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