1. Axerty

    Whole new meaning to social vampire

  2. XJC

    Kanye drinks beet juice by the gallon, I see.

  3. Senor Trout

    ‘This is what happened when I let a for-real Klingon give me a golden shower…it was totally worth it.’

  4. Drew

    I hope a sand storm kicks up as she’s leaving the place.

  5. Oh yeah. She looks better already.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    Kris Jenner feeds her children/clients with only the finest live infants to maintain their youth. Looks like Kim forgot to clean up after she was finished with her screaming newborn. Pregnancy makes you forgetful.

  7. Fredical

    She’s doing it all wrong. You gotta cook the placenta before you eat it, and you gotta wait until the kid is born before you cook the placenta!

  8. Fredical

    Not pictured: The Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah!

  9. Now I’m confused… Is she dating Kanye or Chris Brown?

  10. Is she having a miscarriage through her face?

  11. Toe Jam

    Sloppy placenta eating practice.

  12. Brandosphoto

    Thus completing the “body fluids on her face” trifecta.

  13. vampires drink a lot.
    vampires pee a lot.

  14. All kidding aside, can anyone explain what the fuck’s going on here?

  15. Fondue

    So, she just got her Redwings?

  16. TooCoo

    Most people wait until AFTER the baby is born to do gross shit with the placenta!

  17. Cock Dr

    You’ve gotta shed some blood to make those hamburgers.
    And see how nicely the cows are handled in the slaughterhouse…they don’t get upset at all. They don’t even know what’s happening to them.

  18. Motorboat Captain


  19. Biggles

    It seems she took Billy Bob Thornton’s advice about sex during menstruation.

  20. donkeylicks

    After seeing all of the exposure gained from Chris Brown pummeling Rihanna’s face into oblivion Kris Jenner had an idea.

  21. Puffy lips. Why, oh why do I hate this woman so much? She has never done anything to me. Not that I feel guilty… I suppose it’s because she has never actually done anything. Doesn’t write songs, doesn’t act, hasn’t invented anything, not a politician, in fact I can’t think of anything. Someone help me here…

    • “Doesn’t act” is right. She’s in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie, and judging from how she’s featured in the trailer, she’s more wooden than Pinocchio fucking one of those figurehead women carved into the bow of an old-timey sailing ship.

  22. Jade

    “Look at me everyone! Give me attention!”

  23. lily

    is dousing your face in period blood the new way of trying to preserve youth? desperate, pathetic woman, wouldnt put it past her.

  24. sweatbag

    must’ve stuck her head in her own ass

  25. little turtle head

    Man I hope she has enough valtrex to clear that up!!

  26. She got this blood facial on tv last night. It was the stupidest thing ever. The Dr took a sample of her blood and spun it around in a machine, then he injected it back into her face.

  27. renzomatic

    Each one of those tiny droplets is where another hair got plucked out. If she didn’t do this on a daily basis, we’d have the star of Teen Wolf 3.

  28. This now completes her “bodily fluid on face” collection.

  29. BRo

    Oh yes the reptillians will love this look. Must Post For Masters!

  30. Shemp

    Kayne’s having his period, I guess…

  31. Whoever peed on her this time better go to the doctor ASAP, that shit does not look good.

  32. oh Namr

    Does she have make up on or do her eyes naturally look that bad?

  33. Looks like Octomom is doing Jello porn now.

  34. VisitorQ

    Pictured here: The result of Khloe’s latest prank, “The menstruating face hugger”.

  35. it reminds me of this waxing scene in 40 year old virgin.

  36. Hand On My Package

    Waxing is a bitch.

  37. Queef Sister

    And this is why you don’t stand close to Khloe while she feeds!

  38. amanda

    I hear bathing in the blood of virgins is good for your figure

  39. Already bathing in the baby’s placenta.

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