1. Juch

    Somewhere, Woody Allen alternates between furious masturbation and cursing Kellan Lutz whilst viewing this photo.

  2. Phuket?

    Those are all boys.

  3. JimBB

    “So, where are you girls headed next?”

    “We’re taking a plane to China tonight!”

  4. “Woody, welcome to your Lucid Dream. This is a revolution of the mind.”

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Kellan’s arranging the flower girls for his secret marriage to David Geffen by height.

  6. I don’t get it. Is this a magic show?

  7. Wood Allen just jizzed all over his pants.

  8. This picture is one factory away from being a picture of Nike.

  9. Pedo Bear


  10. Woody

    Oy, it nothing special, I’ve been here many times.
    On Tuesdays you can pick “any two” for the price of one.

  11. Isn’t there supposed to be at least one Polanski joke for every four Allens?

  12. See, its tricky. I doubt any of them are a day younger than 50. Damn asians just don’t age like we do.

  13. And the bidding will start at 100 baht. Do I hear 150?

  14. As is readily apparent, these people are so poor they have nothing to eat except beets. LOTS of beets!

  15. It looks like a photo from the news with the blurred face unblurred.

  16. Did Wilmer Valderramma order room service?

  17. “Be grateful kids, Woody Allen was the backup appearance.”

  18. I’m confused. Is he using a massive UV light to check them all for evidence of Woody Allen’s attentions, or is he the one being checked?

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