1. Ronaldo

    You got something there in your chin

  2. That looks more like his character form “Six Feet Under” than Dexter.

  3. kafak

    Presented without comment.

  4. Lord Helmet

    He looks like a douche. Who knew.

  5. fred

    Got Jiz?

  6. Got got done hanging out with John Travolta, eh?

  7. Jenn

    He can’t even spit he’s about ate up with the dumbass.

  8. anonymous

    What the hell is on Dexter’s chin and why does his dog look like it just had a happy ending?

  9. “I love small dogs, they sure are tasty!”

  10. Vlad

    Come on, Philip, where the hell are you? Your coffee’s getting cold.

  11. Salt

    Correction: THIS is the worst ending to Dexter.

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