1. Fancy Face

    Because everything looks better through Pink Eye Lenses

  2. JimBB

    So nice of him to take all those kids to the game for free.

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    I’d like to hope he hasn’t done anything inappropriate with the kids he had with his step-daughter turned wife. Wow, my keyboard didn’t fry after typing that sentence.

  4. Son of Flubber

    The black van with the painted out windows, and bags of candy in the back, is our ride. Here, smell this new perfume, just breathe in deep…

  5. He has such a good track record with Asian chicks.

  6. Is that his wife or kid?

  7. What a wonky, pink eyed old pedophile.

  8. what a piece of shit.

  9. alexxx3488

    Even though he didn’t star in “Midnight in Paris,” Woody’ll definitely be in Korea by 9pm (because that’s her curfew.)

  10. Kinda cute. I’d give a backrub too.

  11. Odbarc

    “Can I moles… I mean – adopt you?”

  12. renotastic

    I loved Blue Jasmine…you sick piece of shit!

  13. Isn’t that just like the Woody we all know, putting the young’uns out front in the line of fire.

  14. Ken

    I can’t believe he still has the arrogant, egotistical insolence to appear in public. On the bright side, continued exposure increases the chance that someone will snuff the prick.

  15. Jenn

    Old wrinkled pedo.

  16. “Yes hello, NYC Hall of Records? I’d like to change that adoption form to a marriage form. What do you mean, ‘Eww’?”

  17. Hey Mike (and all commenters here),

    I don’t pretend to know what happened back then, but I suggest that before you all blindly accept one version of events as cold hard fact, you might want to read the article by Robert B. Weide over at The Daily Beast, an unbiased work from somehow who has actually thoroughly researched the subject (rather than just reading one thing and saying “yup, that’s what went on”) and that doesn’t pretend to reveal the truth but just bring a lot of nuance to this issue and show that things aren’t as cut and dry as Internet Outrage pretends it to be. Whatever happened, Dylan is a victim. But of her father or her mother? This is a matter of debate. When the alleged crime was investigated, Mr. Allen was not found guilty and there is no reason to not respect his presumption of innocence.

  18. jesus…. this is too easy. “Mr. Allen was not found guilty and there is no reason to not respect his presumption of innocence.”

    I actually snorted on my coffee after reading this. Not fun. Neither was reading the bullshit that just came out of your keyboard. Happy_Evil_Dude (Mr. Allen himself?), OJ wasn’t found guilty. Michael Jackson wasn’t found guilty. Casey Anthony wasn’t even found guilty. Need I continue?

    I personally DO find there is a reason NOT to respect his ‘presumption of innocence’. If he can fuck one daughter he can do the same to another one. He can’t marry them all.

    • Dear Mr. “it is me fuckers”,

      No, I am not Mr Allen, nor am I affiliated with him. I have enjoyed some of his films tremendously, felt indifferent to others and downright hated a few. But this is beside the point. I am just an outsider and like every other outsider out there (which means YOU), I have no idea what happened and am not ready to blindly accuse someone based on one side’s statements. You compare Allen’s case to OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and Casey Anthony. I am not that familiar with any of those cases, but I do know that in every one, the defendants were acquitted by a jury. This is not the case with Mr Allen, as from reading Mr Weide’s article (did you bother to?), while the matter was investigated, absolutely no proof was found and the case thus never made it to trial. The jury didn’t acquit him, the prosecution had no case. The facts didn’t add up. The medical team found no trace of abuse whatsoever on Dylan Farrow. Her taped confession was deemed highly suspect, due to it being edited and shot over the course of several days. The accusation was made in the midst of a heated custody battle between Allen and Mia Farrow (is this really the right time to jump your daughter’s bones? Is Allen that dumb?). I have seen what vengeful exes can do. Someone close to me, the sweetest guy you could meet, was falsely accused of having abused his daughter by his ex, who is actually the one who continually mistreats the poor child. One of Mia Farrow’s own kids has cut ties with his mother over what he calls her lies. Allen was later allowed to adopt two kids with his wife. Say what you want about, but these agencies take child abuse EXTREMELY seriously. If they had found anything that led to suspect Allen, he would not have been allowed to adopt, Hollywood bigshot or not. As for him being married to one of his daughters, as the article clearly states, by Mia Farrow’s own admission Soon-Yi and Allen only really met once Soon-Yi was already an adult. She has never been his daughter, nor his stepdaughter. Yes, it is still rather creepy, but get your facts straight. I’m not saying Dylan Farrow’s claims aren’t true. It is very possible that they are (and I truly believe that she at least believes they are), in which case it is truly tragic. But the only people who actually know are Allen and Dylan and/or Mia Farrow (who, let’s not forget, has a convicted pedophile for a brother and testified in favor of Roman Polanski, who actually admitted to pedophilia, yet remains mum on these issues). I feel sorry for Dylan Farrow. But I do not know what happened. And neither do you.

      • Mr Happy Evil Dude, are you really that naïve about the power and influence of money and celebrity over investigations and doctors? It’s people like you that make victims of such crimes victims all over again after the fact.

      • Hello Teddy Buckland’s ghost. Once again, I do not pretend to know what happened. And it simply stuns me that thousands of random people on the Internet pretend to. As I’ve said previously, however you cut it, whichever camp’s version of facts is true, Dylan Farrow is a victim, and I feel sorry for her. But I feel there is enough out there to have a reasonable doubt about Allen’s guilt. And just as I feel uncomfortable slathering Allen in tar and feathers, I just as much feel uncomfortable that a child’s molester possibly runs free. It’s just a nasty situation however you look at it, and I don’t think Internet discourse among people who have nothing to do with it improves it in any way.

    • Dear “it is me fuckers,”
      I regret that I have but one up-vote to give you, especially since I accidentally upvoted Mr. Happy Evil Dude’s bizarre take on “unbiased” journalism.
      That is all.

  19. JimBB

    So, Kim Li…do you like movies about gladiators?

  20. Weirdest bar mitzvah ever!

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