1. “Old man, my ass!”

  2. edamame

    Being John Malkovich means you have to carry a lot of stuff.
    (note to self: get bigger satchel)

  3. YoMamma

    A murse and a satchel?!?!

  4. If he doesn’t have something cooler than a pack of smokes in that leather case, then fuck him. But at least he can tie a decent knot.

  5. Now that’s how a cross-eyed old bald man should carry his 3-ring binder

  6. Frank Burns

    One gets the feeling he isn’t actually traveling somewhere; he just woke up at 4:12 a.m., put on a suit and some other junk, and decided to walk around the neighborhood.

  7. vlad

    guess he traded in the pig for something smaller

  8. Shannon

    Sure buddy. I’m really impressed with your tie.

  9. EricLr

    I think he needs a fanny-pack to complete the ensemble.

  10. Steelerchick

    He’s just being………….

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