1. “What? I won four nights at Chateau Marmont?”

  2. “Excuse me while I puke on your microphone….”

  3. How is she not dead?

  4. For a 50 year old junkie, she looks pretty good.

  5. Slappy Magoo

    ohmygawd, you’re eating a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Dude, that shit will soooo kill you!

  6. PantyWaist

    She has more teeth than I thought she would at this point.

  7. “What?? I’m still alive??”

  8. Vah-J

    100% drug free since…um…never.

  9. Yes, it is true that I am suing the Walking Dead for having thousands of people walking around looking just like me.

  10. “I remember trying heroin with Kurt, the next thing I remember I woke up looking like this…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

  11. renotastic

    “No! I didn’t kill him or have him killed! Why?! What have you heard…or found?!!”

  12. She almost looks like the Gravity astronaut that had space junk go through is face.

  13. “It’s a simple question Doctor, would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?”

  14. Feel free to overdub any line from Barney on the Simpsons here.

  15. I don’t expect her to be able to string together anything beyond a slurred ‘bleaaaaaaaaaaaahhh’ on the best of days.

  16. your tongue, my balls.

    “Oh you said congeniality, I thought you said congenital, my bad.”

  17. Mooby

    Guess she was the girl with the most cake…

  18. “Has anyone seen a rolled up one-hundred dollar bill?”

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