1. Meshuggah Tits

    “This is how you can ride your Negro around if your diabetes starts to fatigue you.”

  2. “See? I ride white people as well!”

  3. Talent Keyhole

    It must feel like a giant smashed peach cobbler on his back.

  4. Save a walrus, ride a cracker

  5. caley

    Black guy in the background: “It’s much funnier when it isn’t me!”

  6. George P. Burdell

    Paula Deen rides bareback.


  8. …and we’re back.

  9. “Is my back…damp? WTF…”

  10. your tongue, my balls.

    That rash is now a stain Robert. And it aint ever coming out.

  11. glam

    She should really stop wearing that damn “nude” microphone. It makes it look like it’s the start of one mean racist goiter.

  12. “I know he’s white. And when we’ve reached the bedroom, I’m gonna ream his rectum with a nig…niggero…n-n-nigroe…fence post.”

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