1. dontkillthemessenger

    If Conrad Murray can get rid of this one, we’ll throw him a party.

  2. He actually paid for that haircut.

  3. Fugazi

    Completely Natural. :D

  4. That SuperBowl performance sure has aged Bruno Mars…

  5. I’ve seen better and more realistic looking lego snap-on hair pieces.

  6. He has his brother’s face.

  7. His head can fill in Scan-Tron tests…

  8. Vlad

    The new spokesman for the Macrame Hair Club

  9. Fingergod

    Hairpieces can now be attached with Velcro.

  10. your tongue, my balls.

    I gonna out crazy Latoya once and for all.

  11. While I applaud his dedication, I don’t think he understands that isn’t how to audition for the Lego Movie sequel.

  12. “I’m here to audition for the part of eraser head.”

  13. Why is he still getting invited to things?

  14. thecrazybetty

    mr potato head.

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