1. cmonreally

    How isn’t she toppling over?

  2. Dear Kim,

    here is some haiku for you.

    The dairy air
    from your derriere
    I cannot bear.


  3. buzz

    Yeah that’s not a fat injected ass at all. LOL

    Google pics of this lying whore in 2006 and then in 2007 and you can see the time period she started doing it.

  4. she was asked to leave the restaurant after she did this on the patio:

  5. PantyWaist

    Oh I see now. I just needed to see it at the correct angle. The weight of her ass counterbalances the weight of her head.

  6. Wearing a diaper underneath your dress – the new ‘in’ thing to do for walking/talking toilet bowls.

  7. Coco

    thats too weird for even me to comment on.

  8. Robb7

    Her ass hangs down behind her knees. Just plain ugly!

  9. caley

    It looks like the T-1000 is coming out of the back of her skirt.

  10. George P. Burdell

    Weebels wobble but they don’t fall down.

  11. J

    I will give a pap 100 bucks if they punch her in the ass and lets see if it deflates.

  12. me

    tipping cows just got easier

  13. She could literally shit standing up…oh, right, I forgot, MOOOOOO!

  14. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way in as you’re on the way out.

  15. Bahahahahahahahaha!!!

  16. Tonight on “Celebrity Pillow Mules”…

  17. CK

    Let’s just start calling her “Dairy Queen”.


  18. Phoenix

    “Diaper’s full. Better duck in here for a new one.”

  19. I demand a warning before any picture of this fat ugly cow appears on screen. or Nicki “baboon’s ass” Minaj.

  20. She has completely given up. She’s just stuffing toilet rolls up there now.

  21. dick thunder

    I just threw up in my mouth a lot.

  22. dick thunder

    Anyone remember the episode of Laverne and Shirley in which they were wearing the fake butts? Hubba Bubba butt it was called.

  23. Kuato!? Goddamnit you aren’t even trying to hide!

  24. Juano

    Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Freebie

    That thing has a life of its own.

  26. ksmack

    Is it safe to say that Kanye and Kim made Alec Baldwin quit public life and hate New York? I think we can reasonably assume that.

  27. RAWZ

    Finally, Kim’s new ass-scaffold has arrived. That thing was a danger to her and those around her.

  28. thecrazybetty

    everytime I see this thing it reminds me of dia-ree-ja. revolting.

  29. fat fuckin lump asses are hot now?

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