1. kafak

    I have a some candy for you under this tent

  2. ben dover


  3. Sick and Twisted

    “In one pocket, is a wafer, the body of Christ…in the other, is a Mounds candy bar, the body of your Holiness.

  4. George P. Burdell

    Go forth and sin no more (until the same time next week).


    too easy.

  6. The Pope

    I love that new boy smell.

  7. “So far I have them fooled. They all think I’m new and awesome because I rubbed some homeless guy’s foot. But enough about me. How old did you say you were?”

  8. Bonky

    “Mmmm… tastes like chicken. Young, tender, white-meat chicken.”

  9. ” I haven’t forgotten about Saturday Night Live Sinead!”

  10. Your Huckleberry

    “Shhh…shhhh…just let it happen.”

  11. What a lovely wholesome picture.

  12. Swearin

    “C’mon Jimmy, reach out and touch faith”

  13. “Run, Bobby. Run and don’t look back. I’ll hold the International Cardinals’ Conference off for as long as I can.”

  14. “Young Ignacio desperately clawed at the arm that held his head in an inhuman grip, but to no avail as he felt his lifeforce being drained away by the pontiff’s icy grasp on his little weiner.”

  15. Nut bra

    And later on I’ll show you my little holy water fountain. I keep one with me at all times……….

  16. Elf

    Finally they had made an inflatable doll to his holiness’ tastes…

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