1. Bonky


  2. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    I would motorboat her to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl.

  3. George P. Burdell

    Jesus went to school with the hottest girls.

  4. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    I would.
    You would.
    Any woman would.

    Even gay minstrel Johnny Wier would so he could ask,

    “Bitch, what’s your secret?!? You look fabulous!!!!!!”

    (while stealing the bra and dress for later)

  5. I want to do disgusting things to her, and then, have her make me some soup and a sandwich, while she rocks me in her arms whispering, “Thats a good boy”. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

  6. I’m convinced she’s a vampire. Still would.

  7. Absolutely would, she looks better than 75% of the current models out there right now.

  8. buzz

    Would hit it and brag about it. She looks younger than my girlfriend who is over a couple decades younger.

  9. i would suck on her asshole after a bad chinese meal…

  10. marcel marceau

    I’d fuck that hot piece of ass until she passed out, then I’d get up and go beat off in the corner, then fuck Alexa Ray from behind (so I don’t have to look at that face) until she passed out, get up, go beat off in the corner again and then wait until one minute after midnight when Brinkley’s mini me turns 18, fuck her good and then go fix a sandwich and I’d go – leaving them all smiling.

  11. gin&tonic

    She;s at that lucky age when noone thinks she’s an attention whore for posing like this and everyone’s instead focused on how in the hell she looks way hotter than her 28y/o daughter

  12. “I, Christie Brinkley, have invented time travel.”

  13. Swearin

    Oh she’s definitely a witch

  14. That’s got to be a glitch in the Matrix.

  15. She is absolutely beautiful.

  16. If her vagina was a portal to a dimension of fire and jellyfish tentacles from which your immortal soul could never escape I would still put my penis in it.

  17. Father Time had the good sense to leave her alone.

  18. She is 60 years old. Lindsay Lohan is 27. I don’t think we have to know the exact magic spell Christie is using, but we can make a pretty good guess who she’s using it on.

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