1. If he’s into scheize porn, he’s halfway to a good start…

  2. Buddy The Elf

    Young, rich, already starred in a few summer blockbuster flicks.

    Easy to see why he is always such a bitter dickhead. Live has been pretty rough on the lad.

    • Trek Girl

      He may be young, rich, and the star of summer block busters, but you didn’t mention his childhood, which, while he described it as a “good childhood”, wasn’t nearly the rosy picture you just painted.

      Go ahead, check out his Wikipedia page and check out some of the articles that have been written about him. It may become clear to you why he seems like such a “bitter dickhead”.

  3. Swearin

    Must be on his way to his first skinhead rally

  4. Inner Retard

    Upper body muscle with ant legs…Check.
    Overblown self-absorbed ego… Check.

    He’s got the role of Johnny Bravo for sure.

  5. Jade

    Shia LeDouche wearing his girlfriend’s pants.

  6. karlito

    just another spoiled Hollywood dickhead. makes millions of dollars, lives the high life, banged Megan Fox and for whatever reason, he turns into a miserable asshole..

  7. SupaDupa

    Oh wow…He got “new” shoes..

  8. Lizardface

    There is always a member of the entourage who is just so happy to see you and wants to ask have you lost weight? that ruins the main star’s efforts to look tough.

  9. That guy in the back is giggling and making these smarmy noises in a way that I can’t type it. I can hear it in my head, but I can’t bloody type it.

  10. martian

    Upper body muscle with ant legs…yeah right! but this seems to be a fixation for a lot of actors and for american fit maniacs in general.
    this the type of physiue enfatized by the media.

  11. tidbit

    ♫ We’re Men ♫ We’re Men in Tights ♫

  12. And this year’s Can You Believe This Douche Smirk Award goes to…

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