1. Props for being an awesome singer and the Springsteen t-shirt.

    • I don’t get this thing where the kids today are wearing T-shirts for bands and tours that were on before they were even born. I don’t remember anyone my age wearing “Peter, Paul & Mary at The Bitter End ’65″ shirts.

      Is it a tacit acknowledgment that today’s music sucks and the best music is from previous generations? Okay. I can live with that.

  2. MisterSuccint

    One girl, two cups …
    I think I saw that on YouTube.

  3. The crowd is throwing beads at her to keep her shirt on.

  4. tlmck

    “Please do not show us your tits!!!”

  5. Phoenix

    I still miss the zoom.

  6. schmidtler

    Damn, you can barely recognize Bill Clinton with the glasses and black face.

  7. “Here! Bring these back filled with cookie dough milkshakes”

  8. “Miss Clarkson, you’re suppose to fill these cups with beer and pass them out to the people.”

  9. How she confused “Mardi Gras” with “Woodstock” is beyond me

  10. Fat Tuesday, huh?

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