1. Sheppy

    Oh Jesus.

  2. Dox

    And today… I think I’ll dress like a colorblind, hippy cowboy reject from the Village People.

  3. catapostrophe

    I’m starting to think she’s TRYING to look peculiar.

  4. Such a weirdo. Still would.

  5. Is London really so far behind the times that she’s still interesting over there?

  6. Nice look, I guess I missed the Fraternity Pig Call….

  7. She has some really ugly tits.

  8. Flatliner

    Gaga has to pay more attention, the sequel she overheard being talked about was for trainspotting, not trannyspotting.

  9. Mohawk Disco

    If the British had won the Revolutionary War we could say this is our revenge. And it’s best served disturbing.

  10. Phoenix

    She’s look worse.
    MUCH worse.

  11. The fact that she actually thinks throwing on random shit makes her in any way creative or artistic is just sad.

  12. Is there just the tiniest, teeniest flicker of shame on her face there?

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