1. She’s still the most fuckable chick from The Hills.

  2. I’m really distracted by Miley’s tit up there. I wanna squeeze ‘em.

  3. Josephus

    “Audrina! Audrina! Show us again what your nipples look like!”

  4. Audrina got a call from the Hyde Bellagio and was surprised to hear she still existed.

  5. AC

    I got nothing funny to say. I’ve just been sitting here howling for the last ten minutes in between shaking my fist at God and yelling, “Why is it back? Why?”

  6. “My name is Audrina and it’s been 3 years, 4 months and 14 days since I was last considered a celebrity.”

  7. I’d like to just use one of those CSI cum finder lights on her.

  8. The Pope

    I bet her boyfriend is always really self-conscious about his hair.

  9. Weeblo

    Discount hooker night at the Bellagio?

  10. Mohawk Disco

    Tits say ‘Yes’, eyes say ‘Fire will rain from the heavens’… oh, well… fap fap fap

  11. Interred Ferguson

    Her face is more and more becoming the type that, one minute, looks pretty attractive, and the next, mannish as hell.

  12. Phoenix

    First wonk boobs, now wonk eyes.

  13. poop

    aw i missed ceiling eyes

  14. whatever

    is this chick ever gonna quit the heroin, she is good at using, no od’s, always the same, it’s only the eyes that give it away

  15. Snack pack

    Hello, my name is Brak. My best friend is Zorak. I don’t know where these tit cam from but they’re pretty darn cool!

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