1. The Royal Penis

    In the right Miami apartment using a low budget film crew and a box of condoms you could rake in some dough with this concept.

  2. joe

    It’s good to know that the next Pam Anderson is waiting in the wings.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I’ll take one of her, please

  4. Dick Hell

    …and to all a bi-curious Christmas.

  5. Santa Claus is coming. The end.

  6. EricLr

    Forget the dollhouse, little girl. Santa is bringing you Valtrex this year.

  7. henry hill

    heroin…its what’s for dinner.

  8. Santa appears to have gotten her thong pulled WAY off to the side…probably some kind of Christmas magic.

  9. That’s actually Courtney, Doug and their dog.

  10. the whole enchilada

    Wait until you see the look on Santa’s face when he opens the present.

  11. BandWM.instrel

    It’s a Santa for people who believe in Russell Brand

  12. MissJonsey

    I think the camera guy must have said: “Say little smokies and Bud Light y’all! 1…2…”

  13. cc

    She’s mere moments from confirming whether or not Santa’s semen tastes like peppermint.

  14. Cock Dr

    I love our decadent western culture.
    Show us more.

  15. Toe Jam

    Guess where Santa’s candy cane went

  16. That’s an awfully small package on that dude.

  17. bbiowa

    So I had this dream where Gina Gershon’s ugly mug was painted orange and smacked onto a Barbie only she was a hooker with reindeer hooves and there was this bat crotch guy wearing a crucifix going all Christian-dick-in-a-box and then Santa… fuck it, I’m never going to sleep again.

  18. Vlad

    does she have a second vagina on her upper left thigh?

  19. Santa getting visited by the Ghosts of Penicillin Yet To Come.

  20. tlmck

    Well I see one part of her I like anyway.

  21. Bubblewrap

    I have no idea who either of those people are, but judging by the size of that box, I can tell you one thing…He has a small dick.

  22. A Herpes Christmas to all!!!!

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