1. it had to be said


  2. Contusion

    It’s okay boys! I’m Catholic!

  3. No one ever knew how Stuart, Ed Norton’s pedophile little brother, kept getting into all the movie premiers…

  4. I bought these kids with straight pounds son! Now I have some one sober enough to blow into that fucking machine the judge had ordered on my car.

  5. “I can’t believe I’m so tall compared to you blokes! I almost look like an adult!”

  6. The Pope

    The kid on the left must have smelled his fingers.

  7. EricLr

    So nice to see British street urchins helping each other out.

  8. BandWM.instrel

    Dan’ll Fix It

  9. Fatty’s not into it.

  10. Montana

    I haven’t been so terrified of a four foot tall man since Leprechaun.

  11. cc

    Apparently Sophie Turner is there and that precocious young fellow just spotted her.

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    “Kill them all my Children of the Corn!”

  13. Toe Jam

    Pedobear Approved

  14. zomgbie

    amanda bynes got her drivers license back.

  15. gingerpie

    Which one is Daniel Radcliffe?

  16. Ruth

    Goodness. Can we at least tag BC on to that instead of ambiguous Canada? It’s Whistler, BC.

    You wouldn’t say Seattle, USA.

  17. Timothy

    Seen here practicing for his next roll as the Child Catcher in Broadway’s revival of “Chity Chity Bang Bang.”

  18. Darth Mung

    “‘Drunko Molesto!’ *hic* Now lemme whip out my wand…”

  19. Mark B

    Mom… do I HAVE to get my picture taken with this has been?

  20. EZ-B

    Daniel Radcliffe’s a cute kid. Who’s the old creepy guy in the middle, though?

  21. Right “Please pry his fingers off of me, Please!” Left “I sense Evil, can’t move, please help!” I was Harry Potter you teeny Bitches!!

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