1. Frank Burns

    I’d hoped it was April O’Neil, Casey Jones, and the Ninja Turtles after destroying Cirque du Soleil for being tedious french nonsense.

  2. Deacon Jones

    (smug Somerhalder thinking to himself)

    (hee,hee,hee….FOUND: someone shorter and gayer looking than myself. Checkmate)

  3. EricLr

    The first time in history anyone from Cirque du Soleil has been ashamed.

  4. Someone tell that fucker to take his creepy mask off!!! Oh…

  5. BandWM.instrel

    Cirque des Jerks

  6. anonymous

    LOL….all I see is “gay face” in that photo and it’s not one of the guys in costume and makeup.

  7. LordInvader

    In terms of machismo, this photo makes Moby hanging out with the Blue Man Group look like a team of Navy Seals plucking the eyeballs out of al Quaeda with their bare hands.

  8. He looks like a poor man’s Rob Low, circa St-Elmo’s Fire. That’s pretty cheap.

  9. 1- It just dawned on me that this creep actually, really, genuinely believes that disgraceful lopsided smirk is his Blue Steel, and

    2- Cirque du So Lame takes everything I’ve always loathed about circus and drowns it in a fiery crater lake of gay lava.

    Not that there’s anythi- ah fuck this, everything is wrong with it.

  10. ian sommerhalder just fucked every single one of the people in the picture, including himself … ‘oooh fuck me in my reptile mouth’

  11. OK, it took a little longer than usual, but I was finally able to fap to this. You hear that Superficial?! You thought you finally had me, but I was able to do it!! You ain’t got nuthin’, on me! NUTHIN’!!!

  12. Vlad

    Ian Somerhalder poses with his imaginary friends

  13. He is permanently stuck in rape face mode.

  14. Have obviously I been watching too much Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix…..or is this real?!

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