1. jorge

    three invisible dicks…part deux

  2. “I don’t get it… What do you mean that’s what a vagina looks like?”

  3. cc

    “Wow, you scored a bootleg of Channing Tatum’s striptease!”

  4. EZ-B

    Host: “No, la respuesta es incorrecta, Thomas. Tendría más posibilidades si su respuesta no siempre fue ‘Giant Penis.’”

  5. Looks like David Faustino and John Turturro are equally impressed.

  6. “Ha, ha Tom! We knew you took the role when you thought the movie was title Jack Reacharound!”

  7. The three man toilet. Get one for your home or business today.

  8. EricLr

    Two of these men are laughing at the gay porn they’re watching. Try to guess which two.

  9. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    Mystery Scientology Theater 3000

  10. tlmck

    The three unwise men.

  11. hijkmno

    If they’re waiting for what I think they’re waiting for, shouldn’t they have their eyes closed like the girls in my Daddy’s movies?

  12. Tidbit

    Do the Jonas brothers ever not look gay?

  13. At first I thought the title of the show was “El Horni-guero”. My bad.

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