1. The guy in the middle was just asked to join them both in bed. Emphasis on BOTH.

  2. That’s cute. Did they give him one of those “Junior Firefighter” stickers?

  3. karlito

    when did he buy a horse and called it Danielle?

  4. dudelookslikealady

    Who does Number 2 work for??

  5. Mike Dukakis is finally No. 2 on the list of “Douchiest Helmet Pix”

  6. blerg

    That’s gonna be one brutal bangbros video

  7. cc

    She’s like an Ashley Tisdale whose head got the Tommy DeVito treatment.

  8. EZ-B

    So if my math is correct, I count 3 normal dudes and 3 bi/curious dudes.

  9. It’s nice of her to support his sex fantasies though

  10. Kevin Jonas’ “Make a wish” request was perfect except his “wife” had to come along.

  11. EricLr

    The guy in the upper right-hand corner has just realized that it’s not worth this kind of shit, even to save lives.

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