1. JimBB

    The countdown to porn continues.

  2. I thought it was Chelsea Handler from the thumbnail. I’m ashamed.

  3. “All I want for Christmas is a facial.” ?

  4. Bonky

    The American Psychiatric Association has announced that for
    the upcoming release of DSM-6, this photo will be used to
    visualize the illness “Uncontrollable Selfie Disorder”. “USD” is an
    illness where someone cannot stop releasing self-portraits of
    everything they do because they think they are “hot” when they
    are doing anything.

  5. I think she is sniffing her own fart.

  6. She’s pretty good at hiding the suction cup, floor-mounted dildo in her photo.

  7. Yes yes I would even with all the pent up crazy she is going to grow into.

  8. Balls Mcgee

    I call this the ‘Zen Fast’

  9. cc

    You know, just another spontaneous image this is not intended to provoke any particular thoughts in people’s heads.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Man, it would be pretty tough having her for a daughter..

  11. Who keeps taking these pictures? Trout our Alec?

  12. anonym

    baldwin-face. yuck.

  13. anonymous

    It’s funny how all her instagram yoga poses look like porn shots from the 70′s.

  14. Mohawk Disco

    Wait, Ireland! We have one more scene to film, the cumshot. Oh, you’re already in position.

  15. Alec: I will take attention starved offspring of celebrities for $200 Alex…

  16. Phoenix

    That kid’s got a big ass. So far, so good but it looks like it could get away from her if she’s not careful.

  17. She seems pretty comfortable in that position.

  18. what is wrong with this chick, well besides you know, that.

  19. She looks like someone smacked her in the face with an iron skillet.

  20. “…And this little piggie stayed home.”

  21. Nice baseboards.

  22. All this picture is missing is a metal fork.

  23. meeps!

    One girl and a cup…?

  24. whatever

    reencating childhood memories?
    mommy on the floor avoiding dads anger

    there is nothing natural about this girl, she is just posing the hell out of her vapid empty mind, she looks like she is thinking of nothing in all her pictures, it is ALL empty minded posing

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