1. asdf

    Shoes what?

  2. He walks the fine line between quirky and douche… I’d say he’s strayed a bit too far into douche on this one.

  3. MRF

    So, basically, he’s Mr. Bean with a drug habit?

  4. M

    Anyone want to guess who’s bed he got out off this morning?

  5. So David Arquette opened a shoe store?

  6. Ah, I see he overslept in Bieber’s hotel room again.

  7. userofalltrades

    It appears that there is now an open investigation into stolen props from the Iron Man set.

  8. You cynics! It’s obvious he just destroyed a whole Smurf village.

  9. When in Rome, do as if the Romans would if they lived on the moon.

  10. Venom

    I can’t stand sneakers with suits, no matter who you are, even if you are Robert Downey Jr. It just looks cheap and tacky.

  11. Robert is fresh off the set of “Romper Stomper meets The Smurfs”

  12. slappy magoo

    I see someone bought those collectors item McFly shoes…

  13. slappy magoo

    It’s the “No Jacket Required” look all the cute girls’ moms dig.

  14. The Pee Wee Herman look is a natural for him. His furniture has been talking to him for years.

  15. Pippy Longcockings

    Nice shoes Holmes!

  16. You can do anything you wanna do, but lay off those blue tennis shoes.

  17. Buddy the Elf

    Shit those looks like the special shoes that make short dudes jump higher. They come with a free 1-month pass on the Short Bus.

  18. cc

    Bowling is popular in Rome during these tough economic times.

  19. Everybody knows you never go full retard – especially with condoms on your tennies.

  20. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    The suit is “Russian Politician Blue”, a shade almost never seen in the West. The sneakers, who knows?

    He was always my first choice is we were going to send someone to beat the crap out of, and some sense into, Charlie Sheen. “Yeah, Charlie, I know all about private demons, and yours are winning.”

  21. Uncle Phil

    “So I say to the tailor ‘Can you do the suit with pants like skinny jeans’ and he looks at me like I’m the asshole. Can you believe it?”

  22. Katie

    It’s like the guy uses his clothes to remind us his judgment is still fucked up, even if he isn’t.

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