1. Is he clapping because the retard can lift his leg on command?

  2. M

    I thought “Magic Mike” was the title of Kim Kardashian’s biography?

  3. Skip to my lou my darlin”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This wouldn’t be considered normal behavior if it was Weston Cage.

  5. Smiley McFartface

    “Oh my God! A BEE! Kill itttt!!!!!”

  6. He has no idea that he is acting out his fantasy of kneeing Bradley Cooper in the face.

  7. Venom

    This dude has zero talent, how does he keep getting jobs?

  8. slappy magoo

    Mr. Miyagi obviously taught him the Douche Crane move.

  9. luciddreamer

    I was going to say Douch Tae Bo.

  10. Johnny P!

    Apparently, “Magic Mike’s” magic gift is auto-fellatio.
    Keep stretching, Channing!

  11. “So listen bro, I call it, DOUCHE-FU!

  12. lily

    he is so cute!!

  13. Leo strut overkill.

  14. Squishy

    He’s just trying to hold on to the magic.

  15. He’s just doing the Suck Your Own Dick Abs™ workout.

  16. cc

    Looks a little light in the loafers.

  17. So I kneed her in the face and said “Give me the rest of your meds, Grandma” and she, like, totally did. Cool, huh?

  18. Looks like he’s trying to get himself into a headlock.

  19. BPS


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