1. Wow – Christina Aguilara really HAS conquered bulimia…good for her!

  2. Stalker101

    I swear it was Rosanne at first..

  3. M

    Close on both counts.

  4. I see your true colors.

  5. Drew

    Does eating count as something fun girls like to do?

  6. I used think Taylor Momsen was hot, now not so much.

  7. “Girls just wanna have caaake…girls just wanna have cake!”

  8. Johnny P!

    Still cute as a bug’s ear after all these years.

  9. slappy magoo

    If you’re lost, you can look, and I’ll…probably be hiding under the sofa, trying not to move because your vision is weak but you can sense movement….

  10. me

    she looks like the crazy cat lady from next door…

  11. Girls just want to have eyebrows.

  12. “Grandmas just want to have fu-hun, oh-oh Grandmas just want to have fuuun!”

  13. What in the hell happened to Amanda Seyfried?

  14. Kirsten Dunst in 5 ye….I mean 5 years ago.

  15. After my picture fades
    my red hair has turned to gray
    my face starts to wrinkle
    Oh, how I have aged
    Time after time……..

  16. Juaquin ingles

    Is she at an occupy camp out? Looks like she brought her snuggie.

  17. Buddy the Elf

    A rare glimpse at Madonna, just after her annual meal.

  18. tito

    back to the future 4, starring kirsten dunst.

  19. She doesn’t look like she’s having fun here.

  20. cc

    Somewhat better than Sinead. Then again, so is Joan RIvers, Cloris Leachman….

  21. If she was to re-release her big 1984 hit now, she’d have to retitle it ‘(Facial) Line After (Facial) Line’.

  22. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Say what you want, but that’s the face of someone who got that leopard skin she’s carrying by killing and skinning the animal with her bare ands. And teeth. Do not be fooled here.

  23. Cute. She’s 58, people! What are you going to look like at that age?

  24. Matt

    Quick! Someone throw Taylor Momsen in a way back machine so my boner will come back!

  25. squishy

    This is what idiotic people refer to as an icon?!? Fugly!

  26. narddog

    i suddenly have the urge to watch hocus pocus…

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