1. TooCoo

    Don’t forget the 3rd nipple when getting your annual breast exam.

  2. Tron

    Labia pinch – nice!

  3. bdog821

    “Mark, please dont go starting any shit with the paparazzi again. Remember how bad they kicked your ass the last time.”

  4. it had to be said

    “Honey, my balls are lower.”

  5. henryhill

    “No, it’s okay, I’m just going to tell them to tell their mothers, I said hello.”

  6. Mark had trouble containing himself knowing that he could win that soccer game himself. against both teams. That’s how awesome he (thinks) he is.

  7. Bigalkie

    Wow… I knew that he was short..But hiding out on someone’s lawn. Watch out for the gardener.

  8. “honey, you feel a little fat”

    “yeah, well you feel a little loose”

  9. Inner Retard

    - Just let it go, Mark. They’ll beat you up.
    - What?! They’re just a bunch of first graders!
    - I know but this isn’t a movie set and they aren’t paid to lose.

  10. Buddy The Elf

    It’s the asshole that shot Jeter.

  11. Sarah P.

    “Just let the Marky Mark thing go…”

  12. “Do you feel it, baby? Do you feel the vibration?”

  13. bob

    Careful, he’s likely to hit you with a pipe and blind you

  14. mbcl

    “Awwww I’m always the last one picked “

  15. EricLr

    Tough look from a guy who’s only here because his brother was one of the “Oh’s” in New Kids on The Block

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