1. jorge

    curious george goes to The Acting Edge VIP Launch

  2. The interviewer is all, “HYEEEEEEEE”

  3. it had to be said

    I see the Devil’s face in the drape above her head. Coincidence?

  4. It’s not the devil’s face, it’s The Punisher’s logo.

  5. The interviewer has a beard fetish and judging from Hugh and the man behind the curtain, she’s in the right place.

  6. BenDoverman

    Don’t tell my mother…I mean wife, but I love dropping a deuce in her bean dip. It’s a classic Aussie prank.

  7. The Pope

    “So I’m shooting ‘The Wolverine’ right now and it takes place aft- JOHN HAMM!”

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    “Oh my God! Hugh Jackman! I love your beard!”
    “Thank you! My wife would like to know she has a fan. Where is she?”

  9. zomgbie


  10. “Everyone be careful…this sheila is a biter!”

  11. Tim's Trees

    Notice Jonah Hill is hiding behind the curtain

  12. EricLr

    I hope you’re not offended if I can’t look directly at those teeth.

  13. Schmidtler

    Once Hugh gets out his jazz hands and somebody sticks a microphone in his face, it’s unavoidable he’ll bust out into a broadway show tune medley.

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