1. jorge

    gangnam style

  2. Acting out his dream of running Melanie Griffith over with his car.

  3. Mike Hunt

    prune juice kicking in

  4. joe

    He needs to eat more yogurt.

  5. Tron

    “I nailed her like this! and like this!…and then I stole her shoes”

  6. I’d pay $2000 for court-side seats too if it meant I could crap there.

  7. it had to be said

    Court-side shitter is next to the visiting team’s bench.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Antonio Banderas seen giving two ghosts a hand job.

  9. BRRRrrrrmmmmmm brrrrrrrmmmmmm, beep beep!

  10. He’s obviously upset that the papparazzi photographed him next to his wife, Melanie, when she wasn’t wearing make up.

  11. SKI POLES!!!!!!!

  12. Inner Retard

    Damn it! I should have thought of that Lay’s commercial.

  13. Ay yai yai, deez lady boots are es hurting my feets!

  14. Must. Suppress. Farts.

  15. Buddy The Elf

    I’d pretend to give a shit about the NBA, too if it meant I could escape Melanie for 4 hours every game.

  16. “I love the the American football!”

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    “I fight you Dinklage! Pistons suck!”

  18. BenDoverman

    Si!!! His sausage is peeping through his shorts! I love dis game

  19. Green Meanie


  20. Little Tongue

    Viagra kicking in?

  21. Urvag

    Lakers??? Looks more like Antonio Spurts! Har har

  22. cc

    They guy beside him can’t believe he’s sitting next to Antonio Banderas. Antonio can’t believe he’s sitting next to a guy with a head the size of bushel basket.

  23. Fishballs


  24. “I jus’ love rideeng out here on the open road…me, my hog, and no fuckin’ helmet…:”

  25. lawn

    “The wheels on the bus go round and round,
    Round and round, round and round. . .”

  26. Vlad

    Invisible motorcycle, get me the hell out of here!

  27. journalschism

    Justin Timberlake, circa 2035.

  28. eekahil

    Why is he wearing Katie H’s booteez?

  29. Why is he with Big Bird?

  30. EricLr

    My life is a living nightmare, but this game is my ONE CHANCE to have a bright spot!

  31. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    “When it hurts to go to the bathroom, try Dulcolax stool softener…”

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