1. jorge

    look native breasts

  2. Contusion

    By joves I haven’t gotten lei’d in years! And to see a native woman’s bosom all at the same time! Brilliant!

  3. That is a spectacular breast for a non-celebrity.

    Reality show in 3, 2, 1…

  4. Tron

    Where’s the obligatory Superficial red star over the tay-tays?

  5. B&WMinstrel

    Whoever’s wearing the poppy is a bigger tit

  6. Tron

    New Guinea welcomes the “Old Guineas”. And Charles gives an approving thumbs up for his first interracial threesome.

  7. it had to be said

    Tally ho, chaps! Looks like an Imperial threesome in the making!

  8. I had the same look on my face the first time I saw a titty.

  9. I always read her title as Duchess of Cornhole.

  10. Cock Dr

    We need more shots of those grass skirts gals.

  11. It’s good to be the king…well, almost.

  12. Sheppy

    Surprisingly nice breasts :)

  13. SIN

    With all of those stupid tattoos, are we sure it’s not Rhianna?

  14. Inner Retard

    - Camilla, I know what we’re doing tonight!
    - OK, but you’re wearing the skirt.

  15. Dick Hell

    First time I’ve ever used the zoom on a Charles & Camilla pic.

  16. popwilleatitself

    tits oot!

  17. The colonial victory tour looks pleasant.

  18. The Pope

    How sad, the man can’t even get his THUMB up!

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    “You’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!”

  20. 1NDUN

    Didn’t Ace Ventura bang the one giving out the leis?

  21. cc

    Prince Charles is thinking:
    ‘This native love is restless,
    This native love is restless,
    This native love is restless,
    And I’m just not satisfied.’

  22. What a goofy-looking bugger. I can’t help but chuckle.

  23. Sparky

    The look on his face and his hand gesture says it all “Oh goody. I pinched her nipple, just like this! Please tell me you captured that on film ol’ chap.”

  24. “How lovely. Camilla, I hear these leis come in many colors. They even have a dark orchid magenta one that they put right into the cooking pot with whatever they’re going to be eating…”

  25. Lil Nugget

    “Yay for those boobies!” – Prince Charles

  26. Swearin

    Someone photoshop a beer into his hand so we can make this the weirdest beer commercial ever

  27. “I giveth them bristols two thumbs up.” – Charles

  28. Qmak

    “It was much more orderly back in the old days when you were an oppressed colony. Now which one of you is Rhianna?”

  29. EricLr

    Originally they were going to put a bridle on her, until someone told them.

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