1. She must’ve heard they had large furry balls all over the place.

  2. I bet she has boogers the size of chickpeas.

  3. I thought it was Rodman.

  4. nick

    Golden Shower!

  5. cc

    Someone should tell her about those new 5-bladed razors.

  6. your mom

    Hell hath no fury like a drag queen who’s been de-wigged….

  7. whiskeyafternoon

    when you click on the enlarged pic you see all the howler monkeys trying to mate with her

  8. So that *wasn’t* photo-editing on the Slave to the Rhythm album cover? (Look it up, kids.)

  9. Grace Jones does a historic recreation her mother’s first push during birth.

  10. I just lost a staring contest to the eyes peering out at me through her nostrils.

  11. gigi

    shouldn’t Grace be in a snuggy knitting something by a cozy fireplace? the only reason she’s making that face is so that we can’t really see what she looks like… black don’t crack sure, but at some point, uh, yes it does

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Singing diva Grace Jones (pictured above) had her teeth stolen overnight. Police believe the gang will send them abroad where they can fetch high sums in the black market for Chinese medicines.

  13. I could put 4 black microphones in that thing.

  14. Worst blow-up doll ever! Worst blow-up doll ever!!

  15. GuidotheRed

    She exchanged her warm leatherette for a nice skullcap and possum fur ensemble

  16. SSHGuru

    I’m waiting for the second alien to come out of her mouth to snap at someone.

  17. Jake Zero

    Someone needs to tell her that even though the balls are yellow, she ain’t Pac-Man. Must they insist on equal everything?.

  18. Dr Ha-Ha

    Grace’s permanent look after giving over a million BJs.

  19. After seeing her picture the first things that popped into my mind were all scatological references. I mean, that huge pie-hole would make a HUGE target.

  20. Isn’t that the gay dude from True Blood?

  21. squishy

    Tonsils and nostrils in one go…gross!!

  22. Waffhose

    Like My Status Y’ALL!!!!!!

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