1. tom

    Nice maracas!

  2. George P Burdell

    Just like Bambi’s dad, she has a nice rack.

  3. If you are a beautiful actor and marry an ugly billionaire are you still considered a whore?

  4. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that she married an elderly billionaire.

  5. MRF

    The gold fringe draws your attention to her breasts, but the … … what was I saying?

  6. Bobbie

    When are we gonna see her topless?

    • I’d suggest you rent the movie Ask the Dust, but…no. Oh my God, no. Others who have braved that movie ripped still shots and put them up on the Internet. Look around.

  7. bigalkie


  8. contusion

    Salma has aged a bit…but that cleavage never gets old.

  9. I’m betting she has one of those prenups where she has to stay with her husband for a certain amount of time and stay faithful, or she won’t get a cent in the divorce. Ans as soon as that time is up, she’ll dump his ass and be set for life.

  10. I want to store her tits in my mouth like a squirrel.

  11. Carl Spackler

    Would violate her with great enthusiasm, more than once

  12. I’d love to see her naked.

  13. Richard Harrow

    Makes KK look like a mall rat

  14. More likely to cause lockjaw than a rusty nail.

  15. Spartacus

    I’m sure this is what the Kardashian whores are aiming for

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