1. Dox

    “You shall not dance!”

  2. Original Hipsters.

  3. “There. Are. Four. Stagelights!”

  4. “You can walk Charles!”
    “Yes Erik, but on the other hand, we appear to be 1930s hobos”

  5. Also, how fucking cool are they? Seriously, this picture fills me with joy. I’m almost tempted to go to the theatre.

  6. An amazing show, ruined when Hugh Jackman appeared as ‘The Godot’ and killed the leads with his hobomantium claws.

  7. Deacon Jones

    I would actually make an effort to see this

  8. “Me…and…my…Magneeeeeto,
    Strolling down the avenue…”

  9. Awesomeness never looked so dirty.

  10. They can do no wrong.

  11. “Two to beam….”
    “Stop. Leave them.”

  12. This is the gayest thing I’ve seen since George Takai announced his new cologne called “Eau My”

    which by the way is the ONLY thing on my Christmas wish list.

  13. Swearin

    “You say MagnEto, I say MagneTo;
    MagnEto, MagneTo, let’s call the whole thing off!”

  14. If they’re waiting for Godot stiffies in their backsides, they’re in for a long wait.

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