1. CK

    Aw, the little douche in the car doesn’t get a photo credit? No wonder he looks pouty.

  2. yes, Jada, you’ve made it painfully clear. You want to be in the “bulldog dyke” category, not the “lipstick lesbian”.

  3. Even Williow is ashamed which you would think would not be possible. These celebs crack me up sometimes, a hybrid Escalade because you know, green, and then live in a massive 30,000 sq.ft mansion that uses so much energy it probably burns its own hole in the ozone layer.

  4. JimBB

    Her stylist ask her what look she wanted to go for today and she responded “Mad Max villain, please.”

  5. So they are making it. The Matrix Holiday.

  6. Sterling

    Not digging Jared Leto’s new look

  7. Are we heading to Florida to get our super powers Jada?

  8. Robb7

    Her conversion to full-on centipede is complete — and she looks fucking amazing!

  9. catapostrophe

    So they’re remaking Superman II?

  10. Yep, would also definitely cheat on this with Margot Robbie… completely backing you up, Willard.

  11. Pilin


  12. cc

    Don’t blame her it’s the Matrix making her look stupid.

  13. KarbonD

    Someone tell Ms. Smith that the Mad Max auditions are over and she didn’t make it.

  14. When did she become Grace Jones’s mini me?

  15. I would hate to be the TSA officer who asks her to remove those boots. Or pat her down for that matter.

  16. crb

    Nope. Not looking like a total freaking lesbian here. Not one little bit.

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